21 August 2014


"What's missing would be a nice watch. And a Porsche for real. Lol!" kata Felixia Yeap (Raisyyah Rania Yeap) melalui laman sosialnya yang kemudian menimbulkan pelbagai komen. Bukan komen tentang ayat tersebut, tetapi mengenai gambar stereng kereta Porsche yang dikongsikannya.

Entah kenapa, meskipun hanya menunjukkan tangannya sedang memegang stereng kereta mewah tersebut, namun dia tetap menjadi mangsa kritikan. Ada yang menuduhnya sebagai mata duitan dan masuk Islam semata-mata mahu mengejar kemewahan. Nauzubillah!

Klik gambar untuk size besar

Bagaimanapun, Rania kemudiannya dengan jelas menulis bahawa Porsche tersebut bukan miliknya. Lebih menarik, dia kemudian telah memberi komentarnya sendiri berdasarkan kajian yang telah dilakukan baru-baru ini.

Jom baca!

What I noticed when I tried posting something out of the norm or what was “expected” of me as a newly reverted Chinese-Muslim.

Eg :
Something like the picture of my hand on a Porsche steering. Which happened not to be mine, unfortunately. It was a show car. (Bag is not valid for discussion/debate as it was bought with my own savings a few years back.)

Motive of posting :
To encourage and remind myself to work harder, and to share my love for cars which I have always liked since I was in kindergarten. Being a Muslim now does not mean one cannot indulge in what we used to love before we were Muslim, provided that it is not harmful or haram.

Feedbacks from SOME Muslims :
They tend to zoom into my nails, hand socks and other really small pictures of the picture. They are the ones who expect perfection in a newborn Muslim and that is why our dakwah fail at this point. People would never be perfect and people are afraid to be given the hard pressure to be perfect. Some commented just based on seeing my hand on a luxury car steering lock and not by reading/understanding what was written in the post. Things like calling me Cina bukit melalak, show off, etc.

Feedback from SOME non-Muslims :
They tend to go all hyped up (again also without reading) by assuming I’m selling myself for luxury stuffs and assuming that is why I reverted into Islam. Again, they take one glance of just one picture and ignored all the rest of pictures about the religion that I have been posting and just fire their guns blindly. Happy that they found a “proof” to back up their incapabilities to understand why a Malaysian Chinese girl would suddenly revert into Islam without any materialistic reasons or gain. Some commented vulgarities like I’m selling my ***** and all. One even tried to do reverse psychology and blindly claim and made Islam look like a religion where one is not allowed to enjoy anything from the world. Islam actually encourage one to be successful in the world and afterlife. It’s a balanced religion. That is why we like to wish newborns with “Semoga berjaya di dunia dan akhirat”.

Terribly sorry if this is too frank or hurt anyone’s feeling here.

THANK YOU to those who stood up with a clear mind and understood the greater good of my postings. You guys rock!!!

Again, the Porsche unfortunately isn’t mine…and even if it’s mine, you should be happy. It shows that reverting into Islam does not stop your rezeki and income. That my friend, is already a dakwah point.



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