13 March 2014


Awas... Neelofa kini sudah mula mempelajari seni mempertahankan diri kickboxing untuk menjaga keselamatan dan mempertahan diri. Jadi lepas ni, jangan ada lelaki yang gatal nak pegang-pegang Neelofa, silap hari bulan kaki naik ke muka. Heh!

"I recommend cardio kickboxing workouts to all. Ladies, try it and you will like the feel of being strong and powerful.

Klik gambar untuk size besar

"Personally, i dont see how its weird for girls to kickbox. Unless for some guys out there, it might put them off since they know their girl could literally kick their s-es ;) heh! i really think its a cool way for toning up the body and staying fit.

"It isn’t always about weight loss, but about self love. Im trying my best to destroy what destroys me which are mistakes that have made me realize what i had before, what I’ve lost and what I’ve taken for granted.

"They made me realize that sometimes there are no next times, no time outs and no second chances but we always have every chance in life to correct them," ujar Lofa melalui laman sosialnya.

Amacam...? Ada berani!


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