01 January 2016


Semalam bekas penyanyi kumpulan Sleeq, Syarif telah menimang cahaya mata sulungnya apabila isterinya, Malaque Mahdaly selamat bersalin.

Berita gembira tersebut telah dikongsikan sendiri oleh Syarif di laman sosialnya dengan memuatnaik gambar anak perempuannya.

"Shukur Alhamdulillah. At 2200hrs, 2 hours before the clock struck 12, you came into this world. Coincidentally, the special number "22". It was a magical feeling when i first felt your skin, when you first opened your eyes and looked at me, when you first grabbed my pinky finger.

"You're gonna change our lives princess. I'm smiling now from ear to ear while writing this. @malaquemahdaly I'm so proud of you sayang, such a strong lady you are. I can't even bare 1/4 of the pain that you went through but its all good now sayang. It's a new phase welcoming a new life. Thank you 2015. Hello 2016. Happy New Year everyone. Bismillah.

"Still in disbelief Masha AlIah I became a father on the 31st of December. I will love you like no other," ujar Syarif di laman IGnya.


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