06 January 2021


"Thank you to our families for the surprise baby shower 🎊 (for babyL and myself) Thank you for the delicious food, cute balloons, yummy cake, presents 🎁 for babyL. ⁣

"I’m so touched. ❤️ I love you all! ⁣oh and thank you husband for being part of this too. 😝 last but not least thank you to my beautiful sister @herns for organising this baby shower perfectly πŸ‘ΆπŸ½ I love you," kongsi Hetty Sarlene yang sempat menyambut Baby Shower meskipun kehadiran terhad jemputan akibat covid-19.

Difahamkan, ramai peminatnya salah teka yang dia bakal melahirkan anak perempuan gara-gara melihat perutnya yang bulat. Ini kerana, kandungan Hetty yang kini masuk 9 bulan sebenarnya adalah baby lelaki.

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