18 February 2011


The Wknd Sessions is an exclusively online music show that showcases live performances and interviews with independent acts of various sounds and genres, personally curated by the people behind the show themselves. The show was first published at the end of 2008 and has featured names that range from mainstream conquerors like Bunkface and Yuna to independent favourites like Couple, Tenderfist, Khottal, Deepset, Reza Salleh, Mia Palencia and many more.

Spearheaded by Fikri Fadzil, the show is put together by a team of individuals who are passionate about music and whose aim is to nurture home-grown talent and to inject some much needed fresh excitement into the Malaysian music scene by concentrating on the one thing that other shows rarely focus on – to discover and feature the variety of sounds being made by young Malaysia now. With a team comprising of members who have zero TV production experience, purely learning by trial-and-error and using equipments usually sourced from friends (paid with favors and ‘high fives’) and some equipments were even built using items found at home, the DIY way. The Wknd Sessions is a true labour of love for everyone involved with everyone volunteering and contributing their time and effort.

Furthering the homemade feel and origins of the show, it was decided that going online is the most organic way of going about spreading the love around with the show, especially with the freedom of expression and borderless, global reach that the internet promises to its citizens. The fact that original Malaysian-made and exclusively online content relating to music was also sorely lacking was simply one more good reason to do so.

With no fixed sets of rules nor formal methods in selecting the acts to be featured on The Wknd Sessions other than an impressive live performance and of course that hard to define extra edge that makes or could make the acts special, potential is something that acts on The Wknd Sessions are never short of. We consider all genres, from established acts like BunkfaceThey Will Kill Us All to young up and comers like Narmi and Diandra Arjunaidi and we’re always open to new, interesting and unconventional musicians.

Having completed 3 seasons (30 episodes), February 2011 will mark the premiere of Season 4 of The Wknd Sessions (10 episodes) featuring performances by They Will Kill Us All, Bittersweet, David Knight, Narmi, The Aggrobeats, Hello Is This The Band, Parttimelovers, Johnny Comes Lately and a Wknd Sessions “Live” Special.

So do mark your calendars for Season 4 of The Wknd Sessions, for your new favourite band might just be waiting for you then, and it would be a shame to miss that.

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