04 March 2016


Anak perempuan Nourul Wahab bersama bekas suaminya komposer Ajai iaitu Ayu Nazirah telah berjaya mendapat keputusan yang sangat cemerlang dalam peperiksaan SPM yang diumumkan semalam.

Menerusi Instagram Nourul dan Ajai, anak daranya itu memperoleh 9A dalam semua subjek termasuk 2A+ untuk subjek bahasa Inggeris dan Matematik. Nourul dan Ajai melahirkan rasa bangga dan gembiranya di atas pencapaian cemerlang anaknya itu.

"Ayu, mama is so proud of you. This is the beginning. You have a lot more in front of you. Be wise not only in your education but in your life - as a human being - as a daughter, as a girl and a teenager.

"Maturity is not in your result of your exams; either the way you dress or behind your make up. It's how's you talk, how you speak to others and how you behave.

"Politeness and being honest are the best policy in life. What's is in the heart that's count. Not what you have, either the branded items that you own.

"Above it all, I'm glad Allah heard my prayes for you to be succeed again in your SPM. I'm sorry I am 7 hours far from and behind you. But then again, I'm so happy with your achievements.

"All the pain of labour , and all has gone. You are my pride, my happiness and my everything. I love you my daughter @ayu_ace . I pray for you everyday and forever for my daughter to be happy and always be safe from harm. May Allah bless you always," ujar Nourul Wahab.

"YND Ayu Nazirah Binti Mohd Faizal.. (power power) Ayu syukur Alhamdulillah.. Hard works leads to major success. Alhamdullillah well done sayang...," kata Ajai pula di laman IGnya.


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