08 November 2019


Dalam diam, akhirnya Dr Sheikh Muszaphar telah berkongsi kejayaan puteri sulungnya iaitu Bella apabila memperolehi keputusan cemerlang dalam ujian Sekolah Rendah Agamanya.

Anak sulungnya itu kata Dr Sheikh Muszaphar, seorang yang rajin berusaha demi memperoleh keputusan yang cemerlang. Hasilnya, dia berjaya memperoleh 9A dan 1B.

"9A1B for Bella ... Bella just completed her Sekolah Rendah Agama Exams and 9A1B for her - Alhamdulillah. And a B in Khat.

"I think she really worked hard to get that iPad I promised - but only if it’s 10A’s . Haha Bella usually excels in whatever she does whether it Sports or Academic . We have collected many medals of the girls achievement both Bella & Tasha hanging on the wall as a source of inspiration to achieve higher.

"She’s strong-willed , determined & passionate in whatever she does . Somehow she enjoys whatever Classes we enrolled her into.

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Her secret ... ? She pays attention in Class. And how do I know that? Because she seems to know every topic goes to which subjects in those 10 subjects.

"She’s doing great at her SJKC too . She’s a Head Class at SRA and wanting to become a Prefect badly at SJKC. In fact she’s excel in TaeKwanDo with medals hoping that she would be one . She joined Debate , Gymnastics , Dancing just for the hope of wanting to be a prefect at SJKC," kongsi Dr Sheikh Muszaphar.

Tahniah Bella!


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