21 August 2015


Siapa yang mengikuti Chef Wan, pasti tahu yang chef terkemuka ini sudahpun berpindah di rumah baru yang memang hebat dan besar.

Jadi, jom kita tengok gambar-gambar dekorasi rumah baru Chef Wan ni.

Klik gambar untuk size besar

"The four poster bed with the blue Chinese silkbed spread. Hope they work!

"The living room and dining room is only 70 percent finished now.The modern arts painting of beautiful colors are not up yet. Those painting and furniture style by Baker will be the focus of both this living and dining room.

"Even the carpet for the the dining and living room are not in yet. They are being weave and will take 4 months to complete. They are very modern and contemporary in design and color to match the entire room.

"The wall cabinet to be feature on the wall as well as the Marble Island counter to place food for entertaining pun belum di siap kan lagi.

"The mirror make the living room more spacious then it is already pun.

"This are from Baker and i had their fabric change to match my Paris seaters in the living room.

"Working on the 2nd living room to have this similar overall look that i feel with go along with the living room downstair.

"I have a gorgeous table and definetely better quality than this one in Ampang and shade likewise Antique cupboard to give this look! All i need is a new Sofa.

"All this things will take time and money too. Meanwhile i will have to work like a dog running here and there hopefully some day to fullfill this dream.

"I know i am a bit crazy but am willing to take the challenge! Lets bring it on. Dimana ada kemahuan disitu ada jalan nya!

"The dining room from a diff angle.It has a large sliding door that open up to the garden and two huge window too.Plenty of morning sun and breeze to past through from the livin room door and windows as well. In the day time when its not a hot season i do noticed we do get lots of breeze and fresh air all day long.Unless its a hot day then i might need the AC la

"I loved this solid Baker Dining table and chair. It took 8 men to lift them up as they are so heavy. This dining table will last a life time and passed down to generation.

"Facing the roof top garden is my working library on the top floor of the house. This is where the roof is and has to be shield from the heat.

"I loved the idea of working facing the garden, sofa seating area surrounded by beautiful palms, ferns, ficus to orchids and hanging pots filled with fern and flowers.

"On one side u have the bourgavilla climbing up the wall literally filled with colors. Decks of indoor potted plants in interesting pots and small water fountain that drizzle from the wall.

"This will give me a very calm and peaceful environment filled with sound of birds so that i can work to create more cookbooks in my late years. Ha ha such imagination la.

"If u look to the right the door lead to a 2nd roof top area too which will be covered in 2 months from now just like my roof top garden to create another out door dining space.

"So the maid can always sent the food up if i dont want to dine down stairs. When u built a home always create all this wonderful areas to suit your needs and lifestyle.


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