21 February 2017


"Makasih Mama atas surprise 'Baby Shower' nya. Aaaaaaaaaaaah I'm so happyyyyyyy! So sweet," demikian kata isteri kepada Asyraf Khalid, Tya Arifin yang menerima kejutan 'Baby Shower' daripada ibu mentuanya, Tengku Zawyah Binti Tengku Izham.

Difahamkan, Tya yang merupakan seorang pelakon itu bakal menimang cahaya mata lelaki tidak lama lagi bersama pasangannya.

Dalam pada itu, Asyraf menerusi laman Instagramnya telah berkongsi kisah kehidupannya bersama isteri.

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"This is my beautiful wife, and in her stomach is my 1st Son. I am so grateful to have such an amazing wife who is always there to support me thru everything.

"We decided to get married at a young age. At that time, I was certain that she was the one. I told my family about her, and everyone thought I was going crazy. Crazy for her? Yes.

"I told her at that time, that I may have a wealthy family, but personally, I had nothing to my name. I told her that I will need to sacrifice a lot in the coming few years, because I have a big dream to catch, and I know the road to get to my dream will not be easy. She told me that she would be there, behind me to support me til I get to my dreams.

"In my life, many people have doubted me, Many have laugh at my failures, but my wife, she was always there to encourage me, and tell me that it is not the end. She was always there, to lift me up, when I was feeling down, and I am forever thankful to Allah for sending her to me.

"Now, Allah has given me another responsibility. I have to be honest, I am feeling a bit nervous, but I know Allah is there to land me a helping hand when I need Him. In a month's time, I will be a dad," tulis Asyraf.

Semoga Tya dan suami mendapat cahaya mata yang sihat dan comel serta dipermudahkan urusan ketika hendak melahirkan nanti.

Sumber & foto: Tya Arifin IG & Asyraf Khalid IG


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