09 May 2017


Bakal menimang cahaya mata sulung perempuan Julai depan, majlis baby shower bagi pasangan Keith Foo dan Kim Raymond telah diadakan kelmarin.

Majlis yang berlangsung secara sederhana itu dianjurkan oleh Tiffany & Co. untuk pasangan sama cantik sama padan ini.

"Thank you so much, Tiffany & Co. for having such a lovely baby shower for Us. Baby Kimchi is such a lucky girl," kata isteri Keith di IGnya

"It was such a dreamy day yesterday (7 Mei), never thought I would have a Tiffany baby shower.

"Thank you again Tiffany & Co. for the beautiful setup, to everyone who came to celebrate Baby Kimchi and also for all the wonderful gifts.

"She even got 2 baby gifts from Tiffany's! Already being spoiled before birth. And now we shall wait impatiently for her arrival Let the countdown begin!," kata isteri Keith di IGnya

Semoga segala proses kelahiran nanti berjalan dengan lancar.

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www.myartis.com / Foto: Kim Raymond


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