30 September 2020


"Yup, still very pregnant and here comes 37 weeks. A memorable night that I will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you to my husband @fattahaminz, my best friend @rizman.n and the rest of my beloved besties who took the time and all the effort to organize for me, a truly special surprise birthday celebration and baby shower.

"There were many super fun games, beautiful speeches by my besties, my loving husband singing his beautiful song "Kiriman Agung" for the first time that is dedicated to our soon-to-be-born baby and us just gathering together watching an emotional video of our memories together over the years compiled by @rizman.n himself.

"I can safely say that we’re all still quite emotional til now and that is proof of a beautiful, one-of-a-kind friendship. I am so grateful for each and everyone of you for being in my life. For always having my back and for loving me through the ups and downs of life.

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"Thank you sahabats. (wish I could tag your names here but you know who you are :’) Love you guys so much. 💖," kata pelakon dan penyanyi Nur Fazura menerusi laman Instagram miliknya.

Untuk makluman, Fazura yang dilahirkan pada 27 September 1983 itu mendirikan rumah tangga bersama pelakon Fattah Amin pada 27 November 2017. Pasangan ini dijangka menimang cahaya mata pertama mereka pada Oktober ini.

www.myartis.com / Sumber & foto: Hlive & Instagram Nur Fazura


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