11 December 2021


"Eight years ago, I made a promise to her in front of our families that I will take good care of @ninaismailsabri and made her my wife on that day.

"Marriage is truly is a rollercoaster ride, there's excitement, screams and laughters. There's surely ups and downs and sometimes upside down!

"Alhamdulillah, I thank Allah for the beautiful family that we have now and blessings to our marriage over the past 8 years.

"Happy Anniversary my loving annoying sisTV @ninaismailsabri, thank you for keeping up with my mad behaviour and hecticness.

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"Glad that we both have grown to be a better person for each other, (in size too), and may Allah protect our family til Jannah. Ameen," tulis pereka fesyen terkenal, Jovian Mandagie sempena ulang tahun perkahwinan bersama Nina Sabrina Ismail Sabri yang ke-8 hari ini.

Untuk makluman, pasangan ini selamat mendirikan rumah tangga pada 11 Disember 2013 dan dikurniakan seorang anak perempuan bernama Jeanelle Nika Mandagie yang dilahirkan pada 1 November 2017.


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