18 September 2016


Semalam Lisa Surihani dan Yusry Abdul Halim telah mengadakan majlis sambutan hari lahir pertama buat anak perempuan mereka, Yahaira Leanne yang lahir pada 15 September lalu.

"We celebrated our dear daughter's first birthday party with the presence of dear families and close friends yesterday on Saturday, 17th Sept 2016. Her birthday fell few days before that which was Thursday, 15th Sept 2016.

"We would like to thank each and everyone of you for joining us on this auspicious occasion for our little family and for making it memorable for us. We could see yesterday that she had fun with her Daddy exploring the play area for babies, she was adventurous and friendly to play with others.

"Within the 2 to 3 hours that we were there, during the "blow the candle" moment, she seemed overwhelmed and observant to her surroundings and the attention but thankfully she adapted well.

"She was quite excited before the party she refused her nap so by the time we had all sang the birthday song for her, she dozed off as I was carrying her but it was right by the time of end of her party.

"Our little family would like to convey our endless thanks to all came and also for her presents. Before she slept last night, we opened her presents together and she kept saying "Wahhhh" in appreciation, she loved all of your presents of all sorts very much!

"The day would have not been as special as it was if it weren't for all of you. Yahaira says Thank You and returns her love to her families, her friends, venue scape for organizing and managing, Pretty Peektures Motion Peektures for documenting her precious moments, Jungle Gym Playland where she and her cousins and friends had great fun. Much love and best wishes from Yusry, Lisa Surihani and Lil Yahaira Leanne," tulis Lisa di IGnya.

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